Over the Hill and far away

I spent most of the month of May in France. My brother and I were helping our mum pack up, clear and move all the furniture/belongings/stuff that have accumulated in the house that my parents had called home since 2004. It was a chance for me to say goodbye, and the weather provided some great days to do so. My whole family have worked very hard on the house, none more than my mum and dad but we have many memories from our time there - fruit picking labradors, tree-felling adventures, beautiful mountain views, friendly and welcoming neighbours - amongst many others….

Scarborough - in colour

To kick off the blog on my website I am showing some images that I took whilst on a visit to Scarborough. I took advantage of the sunny weather to get out and shoot some special film that I had acquired from Lomography. Purple Lomo harks back to older infra red films (like Aerochrome) and provides some really cool colour shifts! (rendering green as purple)

You can see more images like these as part of my ongoing project ‘chroma’ on my website

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