About Me

I'm a photographer currently based in London, United Kingdom.  
After six years of working as a management consultant I decided on a change of career in 2012 and moved into the world of photography. 
Since graduating from the University of Kent in Politics and International Relations, I had the opportunity to work abroad - spending the last five years based out of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. During my time living and working in the UAE I was able to work in several other countries including Bahrain, Qatar and Nigeria.

It was through travelling that my passion for photography was born - wanting to capture the people, buildings and moments that I encountered.  My interest in politics, history and anthropology helps to focus my photography on people within their environment and I have a keen passion for street photography.  I'm also an avid music fan, and am a frequent photographer at gigs and concerts.  

Having learned predominantly through digital photography, I have been extensively working with analogue photography (both 35mm and medium format) and also black & white printing within a darkroom, in order to broaden my knowledge.
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